About Adrianna Snochowska

Originally from Płock in Poland, Adrianna Snochowska lived in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland from 2007 until 2013. She then spent two years living in Cambodia, absorbed by the wild variety of new colours and textures she was exposed to in the unique Khmer culture, where she also taught art workshops for both children and adults. At the end of 2014 she returned to her native Poland and spent 2 years in the mountain surroundings of Zakopane. Since early 2017 she has been based in Berlin, Germany.

She works primarily with oil painting, sometimes incorporating mixed media and texture effects. She has also experimented with sculpture. She starts her paintings with a wild loose style and then by applying layers upon layers the painting becomes more defined, requiring detailed fine brush work.

Adrianna has been painting since 1999 and is self-taught. Initially she started out painting still-life and figurative work, but quickly moved to a more abstract style. Primarily, painting has acted as a personal meditation and an opportunity to express the ideas and feelings from within. She is hugely inspired by the ebb and flow of music which is a permanent background to the creation of her work.

She hopes that people will become lost in her paintings, discovering new details with each viewing. She wants her paintings to arouse positive emotions, and hopes that people will get to know the energy in her heart. She works to present a different perspective on the world and the colours around us all.

Adrianna has had work exhibited in Northern Ireland and Cambodia. More recently in Poland her work was displayed in galleries in Krakow and selected for the Passion Art Festival. She also had exhibitions in Płock, Zakopane and Gorlice. She has been involved in multimedia projects with different artists like the Wash Collaboration, and her work has been featured on multiple album covers.